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Designing Furniture And Space. Together.

Our background is in furniture design and architecture; both are linked in every aspect of our work. The combination gives us a unique perspective and ability to understand the relationship between the two.

We make spaces work, we make furniture work – the secret to finding a beautiful and high quality solution for you lies in looking at furniture and space together.

We Design

All our designs are bespoke to each client, we enjoy creating solutions that suit your lifestyle – and not the other way round. We believe that good design does not date, if it is beautiful as well as functional and enjoyable to use.

We Make And We Manage

Our involvement in any project can be as little or as much as required: we offer design service, stand alone or in co-operation with other designers and contractors, we can manage projects for you on site, and we make bespoke freestanding or fitted furniture items in our Devon workshop.

We Give Personal Service

Every commission will be lead by one of our partners to make sure every client receives personal, expert and friendly attention at all times.

We Create Places To Enjoy

We believe that living and working in a nice environment makes a big difference to our state of mind and general wellbeing.


We are Jonathan and Simone Wright, an English designer and furniture maker and a German architect. To create modern interiors and bespoke furniture we brought together our diverse set of skills and experiences – this means we know exactly how to make the most of the available space, natural light and our knowledge of materials to achieve the very best result for any project.

We work with a range of architects, interior designers and private clients across the UK to design and create striking interiors for commercial, residential and public settings. Every project or furniture piece is bespoke to the needs of the client, but our belief in creating inventive, timeless and elegant modern interiors and bespoke furniture remains consistent throughout.

We have a workshop in Plymouth where all bespoke items of furniture are made. Our materials are sourced with great care for their quality and sustainability: we are conscious to minimise the environmental impact of our business and strive to keep it as low as possible.

We love good design. Good design should be accessible to everyone. Spaces, furniture, everyday objects – they should all work well and be beautiful, and therefore be enjoyable to use. Just as one of the most influential architects of the Scandinavian modern movement put it: Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form (Alvar Aalto, 1928).

We believe that we have to do our best, in private and in business, to look after the environment and after the people. We try to do this whenever we design, source, make, travel, eat, teach, dispose of. We want to live as ethically as we can. And we want to give the best we can with all our designs and the things we make: if something is beautifully designed and made carefully and to a high quality, it will last. And have a true value.

We like our clients. We are in the fortunate position that our clients share our values and come to us because they like the story behind as well as the design and quality of our work. This makes our work all the more enjoyable and often the relationship lasts for longer than the duration of a project.

Made For Architects
Tandem is led by a talented furniture maker and an architect.
We design and manufacture contemporary furniture and interiors.
Working With Architects & Interior Designers

The service we offer especially meets the needs of architects as our background and expertise provides us with a good understanding of your requirements as both designers and project managers.

Our experience designing and making furniture means we can offer advice and options to complement and add value to your project.

Understanding The Design

Understanding the intentions and objectives of your design allows us to help you deliver elegantly detailed and finished furniture and interiors; be it for residential, business, education, community or arts projects.

We are focused on quality and functional design to find solutions that are built to last and our approach always considers the environmental impact.

Technology And Materials

Using the latest manufacturing technology allows us to keep control of quality, timescale and costs. We work with a wide range of natural and manufactured materials, from European hardwoods to specialist panel products, which enable us to deliver all types of projects.

Cost Effective

Our expertise in detailing and extensive knowledge of materials will enable us to find the most cost effective solutions for your designs without losing design intent, quality or character.

We understand the pressures of timescale, budget or cost limitations and will provide you with a competitive and realistic quotation for a high quality product.

Tandem has done some wonderful projects with us – and each time has taken our outline design and gone above and beyond to realise our vision while meeting the client’s needs and ensuring every practicality is covered.

Jonathan has a great eye, understands what we are trying to achieve and completes this with an excellent technical knowledge and creative flair. Never phased by trying something for the first time he happily researches new materials and gets as excited as we do about the possibilities of new things. We usually hand over the last details for him to deal directly with the client as he has an excellent client manner as well.

On the practical side delivery and installation is always seamless and very carefully done with respect to surrounding finishes. Any snags (often more last minute changes than problems!) are dealt with swiftly and painlessly.

We hope to be working with them for years to come.

Contemporary Residential Fit-out at Sterndale Road, London
Jennifer Hamilton, Director of The Vawdrey House, London

We design and make bespoke furniture and spaces but some of our designs have proven very popular – We now offer them through our online shop.
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We have relocated to the South of Germany this year, where we will offer our services to the Munich area and beyond.
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