Composition + Utility


Bespoke Living Room Furniture

white display storage, solid oak sideboard and cupboard
Solid oak crockery storage cupboard above fitted sideboard

The commission for bespoke living room furniture followed on from the design and fit-out of a study space in a private residence in Ide, Devon. The large open plan living and dining space lacked orientation and zoning for its different functions, such as dining, playing, relaxing, and of course circulation and the need for storage.

A long low level sideboard now forms a backdrop behind the dining area with a wall-hung cupboard for crockery fitted above. Both are made from solid oak and together they provide a generous amount of storage space, leaving plenty of wall surface for display of family photographs or artefacts to help personalise the large room.

Detail: corner of the bespoke oak sideboard with drawers, bespoke white living room cupboard and shelving unit

On the adjacent wall towards the living area a freestanding white cabinet provides storage for the children's toys and craft materials with open shelving above for books or other items on display.

Bespoke white living room cupboard and shelving unit