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Furniture For Odd Shaped Spaces

white storage unit that gives the room direction adds definition to dining and living space

To design furniture for odd shaped spaces is a challenge we enjoy. This triangular open plan kitchen-living-dining room was difficult to organise into different zones and functions, but has now clearly defined areas:
The angled front of the fitted storage unit runs parallel to the opposite wall where TV and stereo are located. The white furniture element creates a backbone to the living area, shaping the space for the arrangement of sofa, armchairs and a coffee table.

The end and return of the white storage unit creates a niche defining the space for the dining area. A sideboard with sliding glass doors provides shelving for crockery along the rear wall.

view from dining area towards living room storage wall with sliding glass doors
dining area defined with white storage element

This commissions shows how a relative small intervention can help making an odd shaped room easier to use by creating different zones and at the same time maintaining the open plan concept.