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Mews House Interior

bedroom on mezzanine level

The building works of refurbishing the shell of this mews house in Totnes, Devon, was nearing completion when we were commissioned to design and build the entire interior for the house. Furniture and space - the perfect description for the scope of this project: advice on layout, materials, floor finishes, fittings and feature wall colours resulted in an overall unique and modern mews house interior.

All architectural and furniture elements were treated as pieces of furniture sharing a common design language, using birch plywood and simple detailing.

bedroom on mezzanine level
bedroom on mezzanine level

The two biggest items are the kitchen and the staircase leading from the living area on the first floor up to the bedroom on the mezzanine floor above. The stairs are designed as a freestanding block of storage cupboards accessible from three sides. Horizontal slatted screens forming the guarding to the stairs screen the kitchen area from staircase and living area but maintain at the same time a sense of openness and connection.

The kitchen is made entirely from birch faced plywood with 3 mm solid surface laminate for the worktop.

bedroom on mezzanine level

On the second floor mezzanine level, horizontal slatted plywood form the screen between bathroom and bedroom area. Bespoke storage has been fitted in the low spaces under the pitched roof fully maximising the use of available space with different depth cupboard shelving and drawers.

bedroom on mezzanine level
bedroom on mezzanine level

The staircase leading up from entrance level is detailed in a similar way as the first floor stairs with coat and shoe storage underneath.

Due to the client's small budget all parts for the fitted furniture items were CNC machined and delivered directly to site, where we worked together to assemble and install the various elements. This unusual approach worked surprisingly well and gave the clients enough confidence and skill to build some of the smaller elements themselves to save on costs.

bedroom on mezzanine level

Totnes, Devon


An actor and a make-up artist seeking to make the most of a small mews house interior in the heart of this popular town.

Why they contacted us

The couple saw items of our furniture exhibited in the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. They liked the design, materials and quality of work and chose us to support them with their project.

What they say

We admire and value Jonathan’s enduring commitment to achieving excellence. He is prepared to do his utmost to strive for the best possible outcome. His experience as an architect, and environmental awareness, brings a wider context to his understanding and evolution of creative furniture designs.

We find the furniture he has made completely fits our design brief, is visually pleasing with great attention to detail, robust and satisfying to use, and we are certain will have longevity. He brings a rare quality of care and consideration to his work, and we feel fortunate in finding someone who exceeds our demanding expectations.

Geoffrey Larder, client