Tactile + Contemporary


Restaurant Fit-Out

detail of the bar, detail of bespoke restaurant table
view into the restaurant

The holiday complex Gara Rock near Salcombe occupies a stunning cliff top position overlooking the South Devon cliffs. We were appointed by the developer Aminghurst Ltd to build the restaurant bar area and fitted furniture elements throughout the restaurant to the design of Kendal Kingscott, Bristol.

Our Edge Ply tables and circular linoleum topped tables complimented the architect's specifications of colours and materials and were used throughout the restaurant, together with our Rabbit Ear Coat Hooks.

rabbit ear coat hooks at restaurant entrance; coffee table detail
rabbit ear coat hooks in the spa

Detail: fitted shoe storage, umbrella stands and a row of solid oak Rabbit Ear Coat hooks in the restaurant lobby.

Open storage shelving in the spa.

view towards the kitchen at gara rock restaurant
bar at gara rock restaurant

Gara Rock Holiday Cottages, Apartments, Restaurant & Spa,
near Salcombe, Devon


A London development company creating a modern holiday complex with luxury facilities, including a contemporary bar and restaurant

Why they contacted us

We were recommended by the interior designers, Kendal Kingscott, who knew of our background in architecture and the quality of our work. They trusted us to deliver the intended design on time and on budget.

What they say

Tandem worked with us and the architects to design the fixed and loose furniture for the fit-out of this great space at Gara Rock. We wanted to achieve a ‘light’ feel with the furniture to reflect the large amount of glass in this space.

Jonathan and his team were very helpful at every stage of the design and worked with other contractors to ensure that the fit-out went to plan. They deliver on all aspects and we are very happy with the results.

Simon Baldwin, Director of Aminghurst Ltd, owners and developers of Gara Rock